Sunday, February 27, 2011 Podcast Interview with Drs. Susan Orsillo & Lizabeth Roemer about The Mindful Way Through Anxiety

At, Dr. Trent Codd interviews Drs. Susan Orsillo and Lizabeth Roemer, two psychologists in the Boston area who are well-known within the mindfulness community for their work on mindfulness-based approaches to anxiety. They have recently authored a self-help book, The Mindful Way Through Anxiety: Break Free From Chronic Worry and Claim Your Life. The book came out last month.

The has a promotional code that allows you to receive a 20% discount off the book through the publisher. (Even with the discount, however, it seems to be cheaper through Amazon at the moment).

I've not read their book but have great respect for Drs. Orsillo and Roemer's work. (As graduate student, I did a research symposium with one of Dr. Roemer's students. Not only was Dr. Roemer really friendly, but she came across as incredibly engaged and expressive during the presentations.) 

We've previously featured Dr. Codd's podcast interviews with Steven Hayes, Rob Zettle, and Michael Twohig. If you've listened to any of these, you know that Dr. Codd is a thoughtful interviewer and has really great people on his podcasts. As Dr. Codd notes, this is one of his more accessible podcasts, and his interviewees offer very practical suggestions for working with anxiety.

To check out the podcast at the, click here. To check out the authors' website for their book, click here.

The citation for their book is:

Orsillo, S.M., & Roemer, L. (2011). The Mindful Way Through Anxiety: Break Free From Chronic Worry and Claim Your Life. New York, NY: Guilford .

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